12 June 2010

Make Your Own Sour Cream

Here's another use for that crockpot full of homemade yogurt: turn it into sour cream!

Line a strainer with a coffee filter and fill with your plain yogurt. Set the strainer into a bowl and keep in the fridge. The coffee filter will separate out the whey, which drips down into the bowl.

What's left in the strainer is technically still yogurt, but with a thicker consistency similar to sour cream.

The longer you let it sit, the thicker it will be, but 12-24 hours seems to do the trick.

Now that free milk from WIC has been converted into another purpose, leaving my grocery list one item shorter! Plus, this "sour cream" can be fat free when you use skim milk in your yogurt, and it's full of those good probiotics.

I save the whey in the refrigerator and add a little to the water I use to soak grains and dry beans. This helps make the grains and beans easier to digest after cooking.

Speaking of dried beans, these slow cooker refried beans (another great WIC recipe), along with my homemade sourcream, went to a potluck yesterday in this layered bean dip. (This is the After picture, if you couldn't tell.) Nummers!


  1. Oooh, this is awesome!
    I just got started on WIC, so for once, I have milk coming out of my ears. I am going to try homemade yogurt, and then I'll try this!
    I also want to find a good cream of mushroom soup recipe that I can make.
    This is probably a crazy question, but I wonder if you can freeze sour cream?

  2. @Alicia: I've never tried freezing sour cream, but from a quick search it looks like you can, but once thawed the consistency is weird. You can stir it up again, but probably only use it for baking at that point.

  3. Ok, so now that I've made the yogurt in my crockpot, I'm a little confused about this sour cream thing. After it thickens, won't it still taste like yogurt? Or maybe if you don't sweeten it, the taste is similar to sour cream?

  4. P.S. I have the yogurt thickening using your method in my fridge right now. I think I need to get some industrial sized coffee filters, because mine aren't big enough for the 1/2 gal of yogurt I made.

  5. @Alicia: Yes, it still tastes like yogurt, but plain yogurt is pretty sour and similar to sour cream. It's more that you're making the yogurt the texture/consistency of sour cream.

    And I've always used regular sized filters and just done a little at a time. I never thought of trying to find a bigger filter.